F1 Manager Professional

MOD for Season 2018


Dear F1 enthusiasts,

Some years ago I rediscovered an all-time favorite game of mine: F1 Manager Professional that was released back in 1997 by Software2000. In my opinion it’s until today the most complex and realistic F1 managerial simulation both financial- and technicalwise requiring you to constantly tweak all parts of your team in order to improve or at least maintain your position in the grid.

I created this site to publish my Mod for the season 2018 so everyone interested can download it for free and play the game. In brief, the Mod comprises updated names covering all teams, drivers and engineers for the said season. Furthermore it features lower revenues from sponsoring at higher personnel cost for drivers and engineers to increase the difficulty of maintaining your team’s budget.

Other than its predecessor F1 Manager 96, F1 Manager Professional was missing an official licence but ran stable. So no real logos and names of teams, parts, drivers and engineers could be used. As it’s way more fun to compete against the real F1 cracks and use the real brands instead of some fantasy names, Mods were common for this game from the first days on and a small community kept up providing them till some years when most of the sites and forums disappeared from the web and F1MP today remains as a mere gem for insiders under the many abandonware games out there.


The latest Mod I was able to find was issued for the season 2013. That’s why I decided to create one on my own for the season 2018 to keep up it’s legacy and elevate the joy of playing the game with having all current F1 data around.

As the in-game editor comes with many limitations – it only allows to edit names of drivers, engineers and teams, for anything beyond you’ve got to get into the game code with a HEX-editor to alter things – creating a full blown Mod involves a hell amount of work and lot of attention to detail as I realise meanwhile.

I have laid out my works in several chapters which gamedata I updated from the season 1997 to 2018, to the extent possible and also where I left things how they are and why. Additionally I’ll lodge more articles describing how to survive best starting with a new team in the game to help you finding yourself through this complex game. I’m grateful for any comments and eventually a helping hand to offset my limited graphical skills in any subsequent Mods.


Here’s a list what you’ll gonna experience in my Mod for 2018:

  • Updated teams
  • Updated engines
  • Updated drivers
  • Updated engineers
  • Updated sponsors
  • Corrected fax messages
  • Corrected contract texts
  • Corrected internal parts names
  • Adjusted building costs
  • Adjusted sponsor volumes
  • Adjusted names for new drivers

Please see the relevant chapters for full details.

Thank you for your interest in this Mod, your feedback will be appreciated.



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